Agape Ministry- Food Distribution

First United Methodist Church of Hanford Food Distribution, in partnership with KCAO (Kings County Action Organization), has been serving the Hanford Community since las December by providing free food to individuals and families in need. Currently, food is shared pre-filled boxes and bags. The Food Distribution provides nutritious shelf stable foods. We are serving 50 to 80 households a month. The food distribution is always held on the third Tuesday of the month @ 9am to 11am.

If your family is in need of food, please call our church on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, 10am – 1pm.  We will ask for your name and how many people are in your family.   We will tell you when to come by and pick up your food.   Families are allowed to come one time per month to get food.

Laundry Love

Heeding God’s call

I appreciate volunteers.  They are what puts both the love and the washing into Laundry Love.  I want to especially thank two volunteers who came out for the June Laundry Love event, but then found they couldn’t stay long because of the heat.

  The point isn’t that the heat got them.  Nor is the point that they tried to do something that was too much for them.  The point IS that they volunteered.

  So, thank you , Roy Randles and Sue Hensel. We have more summer months to go, and we want to care for our volunteers, too.  

  I know both Sue and Roy came to help because they have been Laundry Love volunteers many times.  That means not only have they leaned the steps of doing laundry at a laundromat, but more to the point they have felt in their hearts that this ministry is making a difference.

  Like the need to eat, the need to get cleaned up never goes away.  We will keep doing this, and we will welcome new volunteers.

More than clean clothes

We served the same number of people in June as we did in May.  Fourteen is much less than we were serving before the pandemic restrictions kept everyone home.

But fourteen is a number that allows for much more conversation, and finding out about people’s lives.  One man I talked to, well, mostly listened to, wanted to talk about his portable house and about what he had recently done with it, and his next planned improvement.   Another man wanted to talk about an experience he had had the day before  that had disturbed him.  He realized he really needed to think it through, out loud, in order to process all the feelings that had in one day built up inside him. A third man was incredibly happy when our volunteers said we should help with his laundry even though he arrived after our stop time.  He just never stopped being happy the rest of the evening, and his happiness brightened everybody else up!

Some of our other volunteers found ways to help with other immediate needs of the people coming for Laundry Love.  That night, one volunteer bought a set of sheets for  a man who needed them.  He went home with his clean laundry, copied over a poem of praise to God he had previously written, and came back to give it to her.  Another volunteer bought something as simple as a steel bowl, to give one woman so she could wash a few things for herself where she lived.

All this happened because we had fewer people all at once, and so had more time to listen to people. We had more time to think about their needs and something original we could do to help.

I didn’t get to talk with my friends from church who were volunteering that night very much, but still, I really enjoyed our June Laundry Love event.


The third Thursday of July falls on July 21
  – David Beeman
Small Groups/Bible Study

The Small-Groups Ministry Team wants to help everyone at FUMC find and be a part of a small group. We believe small groups are the key to connecting in a biblical way with other members at FUMC. A small group provides healthy fellowship in a community marked by Christian love and oneness. Small groups can help you to “grow up” as a Disciple of Christ, including helping you discover and learn to use your spiritual gifts.

 What is a small group?

A small group is an intentional, interactive, Christ-centered gathering where people share life      together. The essential elements of a small group are a Christ-centered discussion with prayer, interaction, accountability, and confidentiality.

For more information, questions, please contact Pastor Pablo


Sunday School

We continue to have in-person Sunday school each Sunday morning during the 9:30 AM service.

Sunday School start at 9 am and we go over the Scripture for the day’s Worship Service. During church we do craft and try to tie it into the day’s scripture. We were busy making Mother’s Day gift and we are starting on Father’s Day gifts. The children are a delight to work with and Lily has been a great helper.           

(Carole Hester)